It’s Pinky’s Birthday Saturday!!

If you like awesome knitting patterns you should knit any of Pink Hair Girl patterns. They are easy and fun and make you feel like a master knitter. Pinky’s birthday is on Saturday May 25th. She is having a 36 hour – 50% off sale on that day on all her patterns starting at 7pm South African time (that’s 1pm Saturday for East Coast USA). Learn more about the details in this Ravelry post:

Not on Ravelry and love knitting or crocheting, or any fiber art? Well, you should be! So sign up and prepare to have Ravelry rock your world.

Here are some of Pink Hair Girl’s designs:

I’ve knit Winter is Coming. It’s a gorgeous shawl based on the Game of Thrones epic story.



And I’m knitting Dragon’s Hope, with only 8 more rows to go before binding off

Happy Birthday Pinky!!

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3 Responses to It’s Pinky’s Birthday Saturday!!

  1. I love your Game of Thrones shawl – it is gorgeous…

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