You would think that being a farmer, I’d get enough exercise to keep me svelte. Not so. I don’t know what it is about it. The more exercise I do, my body adjusts just enough to say to me “nah-nah-nah-nah-nah. Now you have to do MORE!” I really hate that. Really. I hate exercise for the sake of exercise too. Over the years I’ve done it all… aerobics classes, yoga, stair stepping, rowing, weight lifting, lunges, jumping jacks, home video exercise, The Bow Flex, the skiing machine, the fitness club. On and on and on.

My husband walks. Every place we have lived people come up to him and say, “Hey! You’re the Walking Man!” He walks everywhere. In all weather. If he feels chunky he just walks more and up steeper hills. I hate hills. I like it flat and smooth with no rocks or ditches. No bugs. No heat. No dusty roads. No Rain. I guess I’m fussy about walking. I guess I just don’t like to walk either and put all sorts of things in the way of exercise.

Then someone said, “Hey! Why don’t you walk and knit at the same time?” Oooo. Now that’s exercise I can get my resistant brain to agree on.  I can get the prerequisite walk in while also stealing more knitting time out of the day.

So this week I started to walk. And their are rules to be followed:

  • #1-I walk by myself
  • #2-I decide where to go and how long to walk
  • #3-I walk in the early morning, or I don’t walk at all  :: already broke that rule ::
  • #4-I get dressed, but I don’t have to brush my teeth or wash my face before I go
  • #5-I don’t let weather stand in my way
  • #6-I don’t let bugs stand in my way either – that’s what bug hats are for
  • #7-I don’t have to knit if I don’t want to

Seems like a lot of silly rules, but they are intended to just get me out the door and walk with no pressure. I have this rebellious side to me that if someone wants me to do something, even if it’s me, I resist if I think if there is something else I’d rather be doing. Like knitting. So #7 is important. I don’t want to force myself to knit. That would make knitting not fun. Welcome to my brain.

What I discovered during my morning walks is a world that I occasionally notice as I’m doing my daily chores, but haven’t surrounded myself with it. Nature coming to life after a long Winter.

Fiddleheads becoming ferns

Fiddleheads unfolding into Ferns

Fiddleheads unfolding into Ferns

The ancient yellow birch tree who now has someone living in her


      Ancient Twin Yellow Birch


Yellow Birch Cave-Home

Yellow Birch Cave-Home

Teeny tiny wild violets

Wild Violets

Wild Violets

The grass in the pastures

Grassy Pasture

Grassy Pasture

I see animal tracks too. Deer of all sizes. Raccoon. Something that I hope is a dog and not a wolf. This morning I saw deer scat. A big pile here and a teeny pile there. Mom and baby deer. Aw. No photos of that. Aren’t you glad?

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2 Responses to Walking

  1. pinkhairgirl says:

    That looks beautiful
    Rachel would love the tree. The bottom looks like a fairy house.

  2. Sheila says:

    Hi pinkhairgirl,
    It is a beautiful as it looks! I was just there with Cheryl this weekend for her Farm to Yarn tour. Spring in Northern New England can’t be beat, and Cheryl is a great photographer too! In SA, you folks must be heading into winter?

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