Starring Miss Noisy as The Hobbit

Yesterday morning as I was refilling the chicken food feeders and doling out scratch grain, I heard a familiar squawk. “Miss Noisy!!” I exclaimed. “Where have you been?”

The Hobbit, aka Miss Noisy

The Hobbit, aka Miss Noisy

“Squawk! She said. “I’ve been on an Adventure!”

Three weeks or so ago I let the chickens out of their coop for the first time this year. It was a beautiful day, the snow was mostly melted, so it was time for the hens to come outside and scratch and sniff the world again. We were still deeply entrenched in sugaring season, so I had to remind myself not to forget to close the chicken door that night when all the hens got back inside. Thankfully, I did.

The next three days were blustery and wildly windy, cold and just plain nasty. The hens stayed inside. A day or so later as I was feeding them inside the coop, I missed a sound. The persistant squawking of Miss Noisy. There was a persistent squawking, but it wasn’t Miss Noisy. It was another hen, taking over Miss Noisy’s job. Because Miss Noisy Was.Not.There. Where was she? Not in the coop, that was certain. I have three Black Stars (breed of chicken) and I counted only two. Aw. I was sad. That meant that when the hens were out the last time a hawk got her. Feeling guilty that I hadn’t noticed her missing for 3 days, I searched around the grazing area of the chickens but couldn’t find a trace. Usually there are a bunch of feathers around if a chicken gets taken, but it was so windy, I thought the feathers likely blew away.

But she wasn’t taken by a hawk. Or a raccoon. Or a weasel. Or a fox. She just WENT AWAY for three weeks! But where DID she go? What did she do at night? How did she NOT get eaten by a predator or a Dragon? Weren’t there Orks after her? ::shudders::

We will never, ever know.

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2 Responses to Starring Miss Noisy as The Hobbit

  1. pinkhairgirl says:

    That is quite amazing that she survived. My hens started at 2am this morning. I have no idea why but they are lucky that I don’t have 5 plucked chickens in the freezer right now

  2. I love your blog Cheryl, as much as I love your maple syrup and we both know how much that is 😉
    I would love some chickens one day, maybe when we get out of the city. I think Maeve would love running about after the chickens and she would certainly give Miss Noisy a run for her money.

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