… somewhere in the middle…

My Girls. Overlooking the sugarhouse, the pasture, and way in the distance, Canada.

My Girls. Overlooking the sugarhouse, the pasture, and way in the distance, Canada.

These are my girls. Some folks call them ewes. To me, they are my friends and co-workers. To them, I am their maid, cook, doctor, caregiver,  pedicurist, hair stylist, and probably some other not-so-flattering things.

This is a story about two humans, who, bored with their high-tech life and the Golden Cage, find a way to do that one thing that a lot of people dream of: quit your job, move somewhere rural – in our case North, and start a farm.

That was 8 years ago. So we pick up this story somewhere in the middle. Somewhere after countless good and bad decisions are made. Somewhere after learning everything the hard way. Somewhere after merging our psyche with our new life. At a place where we are starting to feel settled. Starting to feel like we might know what we are doing.  Doing the things we both love, and more often than not, love not. Because that is truly Farm Life. And all the good things are worth the bad things.

Join me on our journey, won’t you?

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11 Responses to … somewhere in the middle…

  1. angelpai says:

    Wonderful! Looks idyllic!

  2. Thanks for starting this blog – I look forward to many an interesting story – you write very engagingly!

  3. Judy George says:

    Love it! Great start, Cheryl! Am looking forward to reading more about your farm life!

  4. Kat says:

    Hi Cheryl – I’m so keen to read all about your farm life, and how you quit that other world!

  5. yudashkin87 says:

    A good start Cheryl ! We are waiting for you vk.com ) Sasha and Natasha from Russia )

  6. Pril says:

    So happy to see this!

  7. Sheila says:

    congrats for figuring out a way to get to where you are today! Can’t wait to read more

  8. Tammy says:

    I have often said you have an enviable life! xo

  9. Diner says:

    Your place looks amazing! Look forward to hearing more.

  10. pinkhairgirl says:

    oh yay this made my day – you started a blog!!

  11. Hilary says:

    I’m a little slow on finding this–had to skip 107 pages to be current. But I’m glad to see your blog & pics of your sheep, having enjoyed following your comments on NF. Keep more coming please!!

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